Water Based Stored Pressure



Water-based extinguishers to control power of water to extinguish fires. It is the most effective extinguishing agent against fires in solid objects such as wood, paper, cloths & Such fires remain hidden deep with in the objects, increasing in temperature till they cause the surrounding material to spontaneously ignite.
Uses water as the extinguishing agent as water effectively and rapidly brings down the temperature of visible and hidden fires, killing the fire and stopping it from spreading.
Long and flexible Hose Pipe add simplicity in handling.
Temper-proof Safety Seal is provide, that can be broken in seconds. Specialized design.

Pressure gauge ensures perfect working and is 100% accurate Superior grade ISI marked

Hose pipes. It is also for less prone to cracks.
A stored pressure extinguisher, the Cartridge can be instantly activated by firmly pressing the trigger.
Fights against Class A fires.
Comes with ISO 9001 and CE Certification, and conforms to ISI Standards. Comprehensive tests also guarantee
that the products you buy are manufactured according to quality standards.


Sizes(Kg) Fire Rating Working Temperature Discharge Time (Seconds) Discharge Range (In Meters) Class of Fire that can be Doused
9 2A (+) 5°C to (+) 60°C More than 13 Sec. 3.5 Mtr A

9 kg

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