Portable Watermist Fire Extinguisher


Techniclal Specifications

Capacity 2 Ltr Design Hose & special mist nozzle
Fire Rating 15F Height (Approx.) 490 mm
Diameter (Approx.) 140±10 mm Minimum Discharge time 8 Sec
Average Range of throw 2 m Average Discharge 90%
Operating Temperature +5 °C to +55 °C Service/Max. service/Test Pressure 15 / 17/ 35 bar
Expelling Agent Nitrogen (UHP Grade) Full Weight (Approx.) 5.0 kg
Empty Weight (Approx.) 3.0 kg Shipping Weight (Approx.) 5.5 kg
Packing Standard 2 in 1-22.5″X6.75″X14.10” Mounting Bracket Wall bracket
Approvals CE/ERDA/Any govt approved Lab

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