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Water Based Stored

Water-based extinguishers to control power of water to extinguish fires. It is the most effective extinguishing agent against fires in solid objects such as wood, paper, cloths & Such fires remain hidden deep with in the objects, increasing in temperature till they cause the surrounding material to spontaneously ignite. Uses water as the extinguishing agent […]

Foam (AFFF) Stored

Foam Fire Extinguishers are useful for Class ‘A’ & Class ‘B’ fires involving flammable liquids such as Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene etc. It contains Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) compound. The foam smothers the flames and forms a compact blanket over the fire, preventing it from spreading orre-igniting. Long and Flexible Hose Pipe add simplicity in […]

CO2 (Carbon Di-oxide)

CO2 Extinguishers are the perfect fighting agent against Class BC fire. Temper-proof Safety Seal is provided, that can be broken in seconds A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent Controllable Mechanism provides controlled discharge of CO2 Comes with ISO and CE Certifications, and conforms to BIS […]

Clean Agent Stored

Clean Agent extinguishers contain HFC 236fa/fk-5112 the cleanest, most powerful extinguishing agent on the planet. The have zero ODP (Ozone-Depletion Potential and are the obvious choice of concerned Corporates worldwide. ABC (MAP) The HFC 236fa/fk-5112 clean agent extinguisher is absolutely safe to use on all the sensitive equipment. It is also the world’s most eco-friendly […]

Automatic Modular Type

Perfect for areas where human traffic is low and the chances of detecting a fire early are minimal. Ceiling Mounted Extinguishers are able to put out fires in those areas where the human presence is less. This Type of Automatic Extinguisher does not require any external source of power to operate. It can be utilized […]

ABC Powder Based

ABC (MAP) Powder based Fire extinguishers work on all type of fires, including electrical fires, and are ideal for applications where one is unsure of what type of fire may arise. Providing temper-proof Safety Seal, that can be broken in seconds Specialized design pressure gauge ensures perfect working and is 100% accurate. Controllable Squeeze Grip […]

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