CO2 (Carbon Di-oxide) Gas Based Fire Extinguisher/ Trolley Type



CO2 Extinguishers are the perfect fighting agent against Class BC fire.
Temper-proof Safety Seal is provided, that can be broken in seconds
A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent
Controllable Mechanism provides controlled discharge of CO2
Comes with ISO and CE Certifications, and conforms to BIS Standards. Comprehensive tests also guarantee that the products you buy are manufactured according to quality standards.
Fights against Class BC and Electrically started fires.

Sizes(Kg) Fire Rating Working Temperature Discharge Time (Seconds) Discharge Range (In Meters) Class of Fire that can be Doused
2 21B (-) 20°C to (+) 60°C 9 seconds 3 Mtr B & Electric
4.5 34B (-) 20°C to (+) 60°C 12 seconds 2.5 Mtr B & Electric

2 kg, 4.5 kg, 22.5 kg

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