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Training & Awareness

The employees of the organization are the weakest link in the security system. They forget things, make mistakes and fall into fraud; This is where security awareness training comes into the picture. Security awareness training involves educating employees about the various risks and threats, and possible vulnerabilities, and how to defend them. Employees must learn the best practices and processes to secure organizations' networks and data from threats.

Night Glow Signage

We offer high quality Night Glow Signages, giving appropriate directions and safety signals to the users to prevent various accidental cases and damages. These Night Glow Signages are made of high quality raw materials and constructed by advanced technologies. These Night Glow Signages are used in various public and commercial places to avoid many dangerous incidents.

Hand Operated Siren

Hand Operated sirens are also referred as Hand Crank Siren. These sirens are used at sites where there is no external power source is available. As soon as the handle is rotated it starts producing a low-frequency sound which is recognized universally. As no external power source is needed these can be carried along and are portable.

Fire Safety Services

Ardent Fire Safety Services LLP is one of the progressive firms in the field of Fire Fighting Services & Consulting Services. Ardent Fire Safety Services LLP is binding to this planet to give our services which cover Safety, security and protection which cares to Human Being & Environment. With the base of high class Engineering technology and superior quality of work with base of our customer needs which we understand. And give our services to our country & everywhere with optimum cost & in minimum time period with high class quality.

Fire Bucket

In case of a fire is generated from a short circuit or from malfunctioning of an electrical connection, or from highly flammable oils and fluids, water is a fatal option to use under such circumstances. So, in those cases, sand is used as an alternative to deal with such fire accidents. The sand covers up the source of fire and restricts the supply of atmospheric Oxygen, forming a barrier. The fire extinguish eventually. And for that purpose, Sand Buckets and Bucket Stands are essential to keep in store as preventive measures.

Battery Operated Emergency

We provide a one-stop solution to the problem of power supply failure in household premises and commercial buildings. These Battery Operated Emergency Lights are battery operating Emergency Light, which enlighten through burning one or more incandescent bulbs or one or more clusters of high-intensity light emitting diodes. The range of Battery Operated Emergency Light, which we offer, has excellent battery backup with self –luminous signs. These Battery Operated Emergency Lights also have chemical lighting elements and countless options for cool-burning LEDs. Further, customization on these Battery Operated Emergency Lights is also done.

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