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Novec 1230 Fire

During the first crucial moments of fire, our novec 1230 fire suppression systems can offer immediate response. When the detectors accurately detect the fire, the system will raise the alarm. This system can be useful for places where required amount of water supply might not be available. With our pre-engineered novec 1230 fire suppression systems […]

NAFS 125

NAF® S 125 is a UL Recognized and US EPA SNAP Listed gaseous extinguishing agent. NAF® S 125 Engineered Systems are UL Listed. NAF® S 125 is suitable for use in rooms, vaults, enclosed machines, containers, storage areas and wherever fixed enclosures are present. It is an electrically non-conductive media, it can therefore be used to protect electronic and delicate equipment. After discharge NAF® S 125 does not require the clean-up of the protected enclosure, making it extremely useful in applications where damage by other extinguishing methods would be prohibitive. NAF® S 125 has a low order of toxicity. At typical design concentrations it can be safely used to protect normally occupied areas. The NAF S 125® formulation includes a patented additive that reduces the levels of decomposition by-products normally generated by halocarbons during extinguishment and enhances extinguishing performance (inter alia US Patent No. 6,402,975 and EU Patent No. 630,278).

Inergen & Co2

CO2 at atmospheric pressure is a colorless, odorless and electrically Non-Conductive inert gas. It has high expansion ratio, which facilities rapid discharge and allows three-dimensional quick penetration in the entire hazard area. Made from premium components, this CO2 Gas Flooding System’s importance lies in the fact that it has high efficiency to extinguish fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. We offer the CO2 Gas Flooding System that provides its own pressure for discharging through Valves, Pipework and Nozzles. Specifications Product Code CO2 Gas Flooding System

FM-200 (HFC-227EA)

Gas Suppression Systems FM-200 (HFC-227EA) is a reliable solution based on HFC 227ea, an extinguishing agent known around the world. Built on 42-bar technology, these Gas Suppression Systems are efficient and space-saving. Whether for the valuable systems, data, people or the working environment, this Gas Suppression System provides optimum protection in case of fire and helps ensuring business continuity. The extinguishing agent of this Gas Suppression System is very effective and works at low extinguishing concentrations to protect people and assets. The extinguishing agent is chemically inert and has low electric conductivity. This Gas Suppression Systems provides ideal protection especially for areas with electrical and electronic risks of fire. Extinguishing without leaving any residue and without risking of corrosion is found in this Gas Suppression System- for example a smoldering fire in electrical switching rooms, telecommunication systems, data centers or server rooms can be checked before it spreads.

Fixed Clean Agent/CO2

MAJOR CAUSES OF FIRE Unattended small short circuits are the main cause of most Major Fires. Fire in Server Rocks or electrical panels are generally caused by short circuits or small sparks but as they are not attended they lead to serious hazard to life and property leading to personnel injuries, property damage, loss of […]

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