Automatic Modular Type (ABC Powder/Clean Agent) Fire Extinguisher



Perfect for areas where human traffic is low and the chances of detecting a fire early are minimal.
Ceiling Mounted Extinguishers are able to put out fires in those areas where the human presence is less. This Type of Automatic Extinguisher
does not require any external source of power to operate. It can be utilized for local applications or total flooding of hazards.
Ceiling Mounted MAP Extinguisher contains a specialized Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) Powder that kills fire instantly.
Clean Agent Extinguisher is computers and server rooms
No piping or ducting required, these extinguishers can be rapidly installed with no breakage, hassle or loss of man hours
Being ceiling mounted, they have better reach and are able to put out fires in areas that are beyond there each of normal fire extinguishers.
Fights against Class A, B, C and Electrically started fires.

Extinguisher Name Sizes(Kg) Minimum Effective Discharge (%) Available in Hydraulic Test Pressure (Kgf/Cm ) Type Class of Fire that can be Doused
ABC Dry Powder/Clean Agent 5 95 MAP/Clean Agent 30 Ceiling Mounted A, B, C & Electric
ABC Dry Powder/Clean Agent 10 95 MAP / Clean Agent 30 Ceiling Mounted A, B, C & Electric

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