Clean Agent Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher



Clean Agent extinguishers contain HFC 236fa/fk-5112 the cleanest, most powerful extinguishing agent on the planet. The have zero ODP
(Ozone-Depletion Potential and are the obvious choice of concerned Corporates worldwide.

ABC (MAP) The HFC 236fa/fk-5112 clean agent extinguisher is absolutely safe to use on all the sensitive equipment. It is also the world’s
most eco-friendly extinguisher because of its zero ODP.
It leaves no residue making it safe for use on sensitive equipment’s like computers and server rooms.
Extremely light weight, yet packed with tremendous power and throw, to penetrate past even the
finest grills and meshes.
Temper-proof Safety Seal is provided, that can be broken in seconds. Specialized design.
Pressure gauge ensured perfect working and is 100% accurate.
Controllable Squeeze Grip Mechanism provides controlled discharge of Clean Agent.
Fights against Class A, B, C & Electric Fires.

Sizes(Kg) Discharge Time (Seconds) Discharge Range (In Meters) Class of Fire that can be Doused
2 More than 13 seconds 2 Mt A, B, C & Electric
4 More than 13 seconds 2 Mtr A, B, C & Electric
6 More than 13 seconds 2 Mtr A, B, C & Electric

2 kg, 4 kg

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