FM-200 (HFC-227EA)

Gas Suppression Systems FM-200 (HFC-227EA) is a reliable solution based on HFC 227ea, an extinguishing agent known around the world. Built on 42-bar technology, these Gas Suppression Systems are efficient and space-saving. Whether for the valuable systems, data, people or the working environment, this Gas Suppression System provides optimum protection in case of fire and helps ensuring business continuity. The extinguishing agent of this Gas Suppression System is very effective and works at low extinguishing concentrations to protect people and assets. The extinguishing agent is chemically inert and has low electric conductivity. This Gas Suppression Systems provides ideal protection especially for areas with electrical and electronic risks of fire. Extinguishing without leaving any residue and without risking of corrosion is found in this Gas Suppression System- for example a smoldering fire in electrical switching rooms, telecommunication systems, data centers or server rooms can be checked before it spreads.



Type gas suppression systems
Material Carbon Steel
Application Industrial use
Color Red
Condition New
Features Hard Structure, Industry Proven Design, Less Maintenance, Rust Proof, Superior Functional


  • Reduces risk of downtime and helps maintain business continuity in the event of a fire
  • Clean leaving no residue
  • Safe for discharge into occupied spaces
  • Design concentrations for 95% of its applications fall well below NOAEL levels
  • Cost effective engineered system, providing maximum protection
  • Sustainable technology providing an environmentally friendly solution

Technical Specifications

  • FM-200 agent actively attacks the fire to extinguish flames rapidly
  • Engineered system providing a fast acting 10 second discharge
  • Offers full-developed, flexible design limits to fit any application environment
  • Design concentrations range from 6.25% to 7.0% for Class A and Class C hazards
  • Easily designed using engineered series software


  • UL Listed
  • FM- Factory Mutual Approved

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